Shea Butter + Off The Shoulder Tops

Happy New Year Beloveds!

I am back from my trip in Ghana and I am ready to change my life. I wouldn’t say I am refreshed but I cam back more determined more than ever. I am at an age and mindset where all I want to do is become everything I am supposed to be in America so that I can do all that I’ve been called to do in Accra, Ghana. There are so many things + people that I will  assist them in living higher quality lives. I do what I can now but there is so much more to be done.

While in Ghana one of my intentions was to get shea butter. Many companies get their shea butter from Ghana because Ghana is one of the largest exports of shea butter. The quality of shea butter is high and I’ve been using shea butter on and off since I was born. Shea butter is full of Vitamin A E +F and keeps skin nice and soft and is great for stretch marks. I use shea butter on my very dry feet and very dry hair! Shea butter is also a great base for lip balms, body butters (like my own! Purchase here)!

I also asked my uncle to make some amazing off the shoulder tops made from Ghanaian fabric which will be perfect for the summer once it finally gets warmer. It’s cold in LA too!

Check out my latest YT video and DM on Instagram if you are interested in purchasing some raw unrefined shea butter or any off the shoulders tops!


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