How To Get Rid of a Cold/Flu Before It Starts

Hi Beloveds!

It seems to be super cold all over the US. Even though I live in LA and everyone thinks it’s hot all year round it certainly is NOT! Los Angeles has been in a drought for the past 6 years and that finally broke this “winter”. From about Nov to right now it’s been suuuuuuper rainy and chilly. Yes 50 degrees is chilly when you are used to it being 85 degrees everyday. People forget that we have dry desert weather so at night is when it feels the coldest. With cold weather and me refusing to buy a winter coat (I left the East coast for a reason dammit! LOL) I have been feeling the beginning tickles of  colds/flus. That is a huge no-no but luckily I came upon a recipe a few years ago that has worked wonders for me and my friends.

GARLIC + GINGER! These two together are such a strong force! The combo is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial kicking the butts of all those pesky little germs in your vessel. Watch to find out more info below. Tell me what are some of your cold/flu before they start remedies?


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