8 Things I’ve Unlearned

I am turning a sexy and clear 28 in the next couple of days and I wanted to share with you the 8 things I have unlearned. Many of the things I had to unlearn stem from my childhood and teenage life. I am so grateful to GOD for hearing my prayers and seeing my tears and lifting me up into who he called me to be. In the video I discuss the following things I unlearned:

  1. I had to unlearn that my body is a negative place
  2. I had to unlearn what MY beauty means to me
  3. Comparison doesn’t have to happen
  4. Having the ability to say NO and make boundaries
  5. Not force shit
  6. SEX is not and will never equal LOVE
  7. That GOD is only for Christians
  8. That romantic relationships hurt

Go into depth with me in my latest video




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