In my latest video I share some ADULTING tips for how to spend your money without the feeling of guilt. I was raised in lower middle class with a single parent so money wasn’t overflowing but we also never went without many things. Growing up and having to juggle rent, bills, groceries, toilet paper and all the other things that my money goes to instead of the things that I want is the definition of ADULTING!

I know that financial abundanceĀ is my birthright but I must believe it in my mind before I see it in my reality. I use my affirmations but with affirmations there must be action attached. I’ve decided that I can afford anything that is $200 and under. From jeans to dinner if it $200 or under I can afford it. By doing this I am able to shift my mind to stop thinking about how “expensive” something is to how affordable something is. I am telling my mind that I always have enough. Eventually I will raise this $200 to whatever amount I come up with next until I see the manifestation of my financial abundance and freedom and by then I will have learned how to spend wisely, safely and appropriately.

Check out my video below and let me know what are some anxieties you have about money and how are you cheating yourself out of enjoying your life?


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