What To Do When You See Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers are a sequence of numbers that you constantly see. You see them in the house, overtime you look at your phone, when someone rings you up at the store. It’s numbers that are basically following you around lol.

But these numbers represent the Angelic spiritual realm making it’s presence known to you. Numerology is very important and spiritually significant. We see retreating numbers like 12 in the Bible all the time (The 12 disciples, the women who bled for 12 years, the little girl who Jesus arose was 12…the number 12 in the Bible means ESTABLISHMENT) But what does this mean for you?

Every sequence of numbers has it’s own meaning at the core they all represent that you angels are with you and are loving on you and protecting your that very powerful moment. But if you know your numbers…mine are 11:11 1:11 2:22 3:33 4:44 5:55 then what do we do?

We pray. Check out some hints and tips on how I pray every time my angels come around in my latest Youtube video. Subscribe. Share. Comment.

My Go To Site: http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com/p/index-numbers.html


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