Not All Soulmates Are Romantic

Society has taught us that there is only one for us out there. That we will one day meet our soulmates and marry them and live happily every after. BOMBACLOT! That’s rubbish and we need to let this idea go. Soulmates are divine connections made by GOD by placing two people cut form the same spiritual cloth to assist each other in this thing called life.

It gets tricky when your soulmate happens to be someone super attractive and super dope and you can’t help but think you want a romantic relationship with them because we have been taught when there are sexual/romantic feelings there we must act upon them. From experience I know this is not true and it actually blinds you from the true intention of the relationship. I have met two of soulmates and it truly is an amazing wonderful, weird, beautiful thing.

If you have met one of your many soulmates or feel like you did but you messed up take a step back and understand nothing can divide the divine connection you have. So take your time, breathe it out, pray on it. If it’s meant to be romantic it will be but if it’s not don’t be confused and make it into something it’s not supposed to be. TRUST ME! I’ve been here and it’s been messy.

We must honor our true and divine connections and not tarnish with false loneliness. When you meet a soulmate take a step back and get to know them and get clarity on the intention of the relationship.



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