My Season of Going With The Flow

You ever feel like sometimes GOD, Universe, Life is telling you to sit down…be humble? Like no matter how hard you are grinding towards your dreams nothing is coming to fruition? Have you ever thought maybe GOD needs to do some work behind the scenes that you are unaware of and for the moment Life is asking us to chill out.

Like when my mom makes thanksgiving dinner ( because I don’t know how to “cook” per se) what do I do? I kinda just chill out, wait around. I don’t wait in anxiety for dinner to be over because I know dinner is coming soon. But what I do do is practice patience while everything is getting ready to be served and I help when she calls me. I hope that analogy helped somebody LOL. God is doing everything behind the scenes that I am unaware of right now but when I feel divinely pulled to do something I do it then I go back to practicing patience.

I am currently being led by peaceful streams and it is hard! I am a hard worker and hard work gets results. Right now God wants me to just be in the present moment and trust that behind the scenes everything is working out beautifully. How many of you find it challenging to be going with the flow?


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