LA Apartment Hunting Warnings!

Los Angeles. The city of palm trees, sunsets, beaches….BED BUGS, ROACHES, WATER BUGS + A SERIOUS HOMELESS PROBLEM

The way Los Angeles is depicted on television, just like many things, is very deceiving. Nobody talks about the serious homeless situation, the new bed bug infestation and just how dirty some parts of LA can be.

In my latest video I talk about how to find apartments and what to look for when apartment searching. For example it’s best to look for apartments that are fully gutted rather than remodeled because more than likely if an apartment is remodeled that means the old parts of it, such as the pipes, are still going to be there even though you have a new fridge lol. New fridge < Old Pipes.

Again check out my latest video below and get right while apartment hunting in the city of angels.



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