My First Psychic/Healing Reading

Psychics and  healers get such a bad rep. People believe they are bad and they are just scammers…remember Miss Cleo LOL! At the end of the day we all have spiritual gifts and talents and some people have decided to make a living using theirs.

There are Christians that use their spiritual powers for wrong and people of different beliefs who use their power for good it’s all about using your own discernment. We all have the ability to tap into this space of psychic energy but until then + if you feel comfortable there really is no harm in seeing a healer for extra help or assistance in this life journey.

But trust me after interning at a metaphysical store I have seen people lose their own sense of power and see healers on a weekly basis because they’ve replaced their own personal power with someone else’s and have forgotten that they too have the inner guidance and wisdom that they seek.

In my latest video I share with you my first reading and how most of it caught me off guard but also how a lot of it confirmed and resonated with things that were already in my spirit. Let me know your thoughts on readings in the comments below!



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