BlueBerry Blessings Smoothie

Hey Beloveds!

I don’t share enough of my smoothie, juice or meal recipes on here so here goes nothing. You guys know I love a good home made smoothie! I’ve been making smoothies and juices for about 4 years now and they have helped me so much with tummy stuff. Smoothies are such a great meal replacement and they are so cost efficient because most frozen fruit bags run from $2-$4. I just made this concoction this morning and it is goooooood. If you don’t already incorporate smoothies into your daily life do it! Your tummy, skin and body will thank you 😊

1 cup Almond Milk
1 handful Frozen Bluberries
3-4 Pitted Dates
Half an Avocado
1 cup Plain Yogurt
Moon Juice Beauty Dust
Half a Banana

Blend on High and Enjoy! Share with me some of your favorite smoothie recipes or let me know how much you liked this one below!



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