My Old Pics + My Glow Up

In 2017 everyone’s glow up is real. I think it has a lot to do with people seeing that people in power in certain arenas do not care about us. We are fighting to be seen to be heard to be our true selves. We see it in self love being at the for front when for so long we were told to take care of everyone else first. We see it with people becoming more sexually fluid and freely enjoying their sexual diversity. We see it with woman owning themselves and people on the entertainment industry doing whatever the fuck they want.

All of this opposition is squeezing us to be who we really are andI love it and I love ME right now! I have to say I am really enjoying the way I am feeling, I am looking + for the most part how I’m living. But it wasn’t always like this. I was a hot mess in my own opinion. My style was very all over the place, lots of color, fucked up weaves and weird ass shoes. My college years I have to say were the weirdest years for me and I am so happy I can look back and laugh laugh laugh at it all honey!

Check out some of the looks that I am embarrassed I walked around in a few years back lol. Click below, subscribe and let me know some of the LEWKS you are a little embarrassed about.


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