Hey beloveds!

Can we just all come to the agreement that aluminum based deodorants are not good for you. I’ll say it again for the people in the back ALUMINUM BASED DEODORANTS ARE NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

They have been linked with Alzheimer’s and have been found in the tumors of breast cancer patients. Here’s the breakdown: Aluminum is what stops us from sweating. Our bodies naturally excrete fluids all day which is a natural way for our body to get toxins out. Especially our underarms, when we sweat we are releasing excess toxins  from our bodies. If we plug up the pores that are releasing toxins and plugging it up with chemicals then there will be a build up + back up right near your lymph nodes which supports our immune system by flushing out germs and potential infection.

SO WHY BLOCK THEM UP? Because we as a society have been taught that sweating is bad and smelling bad isn’t good. Those two are true, especially as a pre-teen and teenager I had some pretty bad pit stains that were super embarrassing. But maybe we should normalize sweating and shouldn’t make people feel ashamed for their body releasing toxins the natural way. Body Odor on the other hand is never cool but there are great natural ways to combat that like…NATURAL + ORGANIC DEODORANTS!


For men and women if this is your first time transitioning from chemical based deodorants to natural then the most important step is detoxing. Allowing your body to work itself out while it gets used to the natural deodorant. You will need two of my favorite natural products LEMON + AZTEC HEALING CLAY.

Lemon will be your saving grace. I like to use lemon wedges after I’ve gotten out of the shower and rub them into my underarm. When detoxing I encourage you to use lemon twice a day, after your shower and before you go to bed at night for as long as you need to. Lemon will leave you nearly odorless as it is a natural bacteria + odor killer.


Aztec Healing Clay is bentonite clay and pulls toxins, dirt, excess everything from wherever it is applied. I’ve been using Aztec Healing Clay on my face and body for almost 4 years now and it is a staple in my beauty/body routine. Add a little water to the clay then place under the arms and let sit for 15-20 minutes then wash it off in the shower. You can do this once a week, twice a month, whatever you prefer during your transition. This is going to speed up the process of your body getting used to the natural deodorants.

If there is a better healthier cleaner way to live then why not do so? Be sure to watch my video on some deodorants I’ve used over the years and be sure to share this article with anyone you know who is interested in taking their livelihood to a healthier level.



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