Beloveds SMFH. I am in no way shape or form a cooker. I enjoy cooking but I never follow instructions for recipes, I always just go with the flow of how I’m feeling. My friends in college used to make fun of me for making these huge pots of pasta with all this STUFF lol having no idea how it would taste. Which is why I rarely ever share my food with people or the inter webs because most of my stuff isn’t “good enough” to share LOL. But one of you guys asked me to start putting up the recipes for the food i share on my instagram.com/beenietv so here went nothing!


My whole thing is I never want to seem perfect in person or on the internet. I got the urge to tape this and don’t feel embarrassed about it not coming out to Youtube standards because what the hell are those anyway?! I happily share this dish which I totally messed up on because I know there is someone out there that can do a better job at it LOL.


So if you are making this dish I would suggest using a different type of pasta or spaghetti and to NOT add the nutritional yeast. This pasta is supposed to be more of a clean no sauce pasta and the nutritional yeast acts as a cheese sauce when added with water so that’s where I messed up + maybe I just added a little bit too much making the pasta come out too thick and too creamy.

Here goes nothing watch my video to learn from my mistakes and I hope you enjoy the blessing of this meal


Cook Time: 20 Minutes

Nutritional Yeast
Grapeseed Oil

Place everything in the pot, cook, stir, enjoy



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