My intention is to move majority of my life into the clean, organic, natural lifestyle. If I can start with the little things and share them with others I know we can create small but effective change in the quality of our lives. I’ve been into the more holistic thing since about 2012. I started with Tom’s toothpaste and the Dr.Bronner’s soap and feeling RIGHT when Used these products compared to the other stuff more toxic products I grew up using.

As a conscious adult with steady income flow there is no longer a reason for me to purchase toxic products, unless it’s hair and makeup. I will probably always use non organic products because I just of my hair type and I haven’t found the right shade for my deep skin tone in the organic world.

My whole thing is if there are better products for you why not choose better? Be the weird one in your family because they will thank you for it later. My semi-traditional Ghanaian family thinks it’s so weird I’m into all of these things but once I introduced juices + smoothies into my mother’s life she has never been sick again ands kept off so much weight.

They don’t want you to be living good smelling well FUCK the system by purchasing local, clean, organic, holistic. Your body, mind, soul as well as Earth will thank you.

Below check out the products I’ve transitioned to and my latest video going into depth about the pros and cons of each product.

Here are the products


Nature’s Gate Shampoo:

Preserve Toothbrush:


Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap:

Trader Joe’s Moisturizer:




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