Hey beloveds!

At first I was very apprehensive about sharing my living space on the inter webs.

  1. People are judgy.
  2. People are nosey.

My bedroom has always felt like a sanctuary for me. I didn’t have my own room until I was about 16 and I enjoyed the quiet of that room in NY. I enjoyed painting, praying, reading, watching weird spiritual videos. It was mine and I knew when something was wrong or didn’t feel right I could always come into my room.

Now as an adult living on my own and in a better space than I was when I first moved to LA my space is coming together so well. I’m a proud plant mama, although I think I’ve killed about 2 succulents so far (SOMEONE HELP…LOL). I enjoy my room because it is simply, boho, vibe, stylish, comfortable, fun and peaceful and represents me. On Youtube people have these elaborate rooms and apartments that are all kind of clean and look the same (white rug, white roses, huge vanity table w/ lights) and it can be intimidating when your room looks nothing like their well done Target/IKEA gifted to them room.

Nonetheless I am about realness, vulnerability, truth and openness so in my perfect for me imperfect room I hope you can find some inspiration and admiration.

Check out my room tour below!


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