Hey beloveds!

The skin is the largest organ on the body + you know I am all about keeping the outside looking good by keeping the inside feeling good. You also know I love a good natural makeup look with either a pinky brown lip or bold red lip. You also know that skincare is the base for all of this. Having nice skin is cool but keeping your skin safe is so important which is why I’ve been using sunscreen regularly as an adult.

Women of color are taught that our melanin is a natural sun protector and that we do not need sunscreen. This is semi-true. Yes black women are the lowest cases for skin cancer. We are the lowest NOT that there are NO cases. And yes black women age gracefully and usually smoothly fyi my grandma’s skin still looks like a delicious peanut butter batter, but in order to keep our skin glorious sunscreen helps.

When I was a kid I absolutely used terrible sunscreens that left my deep brown skin blue and chalky and gross but it was necessary against the New Jersey summers and apartment complex pool days. In 2012 I went to Ghana and knew that I needed sunscreen to make sure that my skin doesn’t come back tanned in a harsh uneven way. One of my coworkers at the time put me onto Lancome Bienfait UV SPF 50+ and I’ve never looked back when I got back from Ghana that summer my skin stayed in tact and so by testing it in the harshest of conditions . It doesn’t make me chalky, it’s super light and not greasy.  It has been my daily go-to after I wash and moisturize my skin.

Get past the stigmas. Create awareness. Let’s take care of skin.



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