What the heck is an empath and why does it resonate with me? When I was younger I used to feel very timid and shy when we would go to parties. Back then I used to think exactly that…that I was shy + timid but that wasn’t true. This year I have really come to know that I am a person that is sensitive to other people’s energies, I have physic abilities and I know my own energy is able to shift a room. I couldn’t identify why I felt crappy when I got on public transportation then feel completely fine once I was off. I couldn’t identify why I have a deep desire to help people hurt people and take on their hurt. i always knew I was a spiritual person and I come from a spiritually powerful family but I couldn’t put my finger on why I also always felt different.

Recently I came across an article from that helped me identify and put a name on this mystic part of me and the magical word is EMPATH! Click here to read that article 

Now that I have been able to identify myself as an empath I have also been able to identify the things that I need to restore + replenish. That means sometimes being off of social media, showers, sage + palo santo, meditation, yoga, quite time and I am really loving candles as well as the scent of lavender.

If you can identify with being a highly sensitive person or an empath and you need some self car tips watch my latest video below and be sure to share. comment. subscribe.



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