Hey Beloveds!

Can we just give Rihanna a round of applause for the just owning her body in all its’ ways! She has not conformed to the industry false standards of having to be super skinny at all times especially when you have multiple movie premiers. Rihanna’s Crop Over look was EVERYTHING! If you have no idea about what Crop Over is or anything about island culture educate yourself with the latest episode of VIEWS FROM THE CHIXX HERE, a musical podcast run by women keeping their voices heard in a male dominated industry.

Back to Rihanna, her look totally broke the internet and had everyone buzzing. She exudes confidence because she refuses to let the world outside of her and around tell her tell her otherwise. We can all take a note of Rihanna’s book. That is what my latest video is about. Body Confidence + Body Shaming.


We have grown so much as a society now. Do you remember when Jessica Simpson gained weight and came into her natural body? The world wouldn’t let her live and refused to accept her as who she was. I think we’ve grown so much as a society of true acceptance because not ONE person had a negative thing to say about RiRi coming into her natural weight. This has a lot to do with Black Twitter and social media as  whole being a society itself and standing up for love, positivity, realness and acceptance.


In my latest video let’s dive deeper into Body Confidence and all things Rihanna!



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