Hey Beloveds!

I am happy to share with you that I have finally made some NICE CREAM! The healthier vegan option to Ice Cream…although I am not vegan and I am craving ice cream right damn now LOL.

In my latest video I decided to turn my usual morning smoothie into NICE CREAM. I believe the trick is less almond milk and more very frozen bananas than usual. I froze my bananas for about 4 days and that absolutely assisted in the consistency. It really is a nice refreshing way to get your veggies and nutrients for the day while feeling like you are having dessert. In my video I kept my NICE CREAM pretty simple no extra toppings or stuff like that. I had no time to try to be like Instagrammers who make their NICE CREAM look like works of art from a 5 star Michelin restaurant. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! Plus I shot this video super last minute so there’s that too LOL!

Okay get your ingredients out and let’s make some green smoothie nice creams before the summers over!


frozen mango
frozen banana
frozen kale
almond milk
black pepper


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