Hi Beloveds!

You know when you keep doing things the same way and it works for a while then something happens and you’re just like…okay this isn’t working for me anymore. That’s how I feel about talking to EVERYBODY about ALL my problems. Some people are not worthy of hearing your business. Yes your co-corker and your neighbor’s dog might be super insightful and wise but that doesn’t mean you need to open your big mouth to them!

I used to call everyone about everything until I started getting and taking advice that didn’t fit the new person I had become. I started to realize that only I and GOD can figure out majority of my trials and tribulations. It has been hard not calling the people I love for help or putting up boundaries.

Relying on yourself is a hard ass thing. Relying on GOD is sometimes even harder. And of course sometimes it’s great to get advice from people who you can trust but why not go to the only two constants in your life which is YOU + GOD.

Trust me when I say it takes practice and it takes work but to know that you can trust yourself to make divine decisions….that’s a revolutionary feeling

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