This Self Full September on BeenieTV is about HEALING.

I have had to heal from not having my father in my life and him passing away when i was 18. I have had to heal from how I didn’t deal with it properly and it started to ooze into my tumultuous love life until recently.

God knew I never needed a dad because he gave me the most perfect mom. But as a human being in this world and as a child in the world I had to look at my truth and really deal with it.

This video is for anyone who is ready to heal and face the ugly truth without blame. Our parents are our first interactions with the world whether you had both and they were great or had both and they were terrible. Everyone needs to heal in some way or another from their parents.

Nothing can take away the love, strength, power, laughter my mother has shown me. But I can’t deny the effects not having a father figure in my life had on my life. I
In my latest video I share with you the healing that I’ve encountered once I sat with the truth, the facts and the reality of this story in my life.
God makes no mistakes and I know my dad not being there then passing away made me who I am today.
And I know that God giving me human like my mom was everything I needed to be the person I am today.
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