Hey Beloveds~

At the darkest of hours God gives us a blessing to tell us to hold on while on our individual journeys. 2016 was super hard but allowed me to navigate who I am in this world a little but better.

In 2016 I had all my mercury fillings taken out and replaced with the white fillings which caused me to get an infection which led to a root canal and a $1,000 tooth. I got bed bugs and had to do my laundry 2x a week. I got out of a relationship. I got scammed out of  about $200 on PayPal. I thought i was moving out of my old apt then got told to pay even more the day I was going to move in. I basically was living off ramen noodles. It was a pretty shitty year.

But then things started to turn around when I got a well paying part time job. Booked my first national commercial. Booked 2 episodes on Showtime’s Shameless. Booked my first voice over role. All of these things happened in the same year. And I believe it’s because God needed me to hold on because when all of that crappy stuff was happening I was so sure of going home and just calling it quits.

In my latest video I go into depth about God’s glory being shown in my life and i hope this encourages you to keep going in during your struggle season.





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