Hey Beloveds!

You guys know I love a good affirmation and mediation combo! Affirmations have literally changed and shifted my life and I am so thankful to the Godmother of Affirmations the late Louise Hay.

After 3 years in LA I came tot he conclusion that I have had an out of balance root chakra which has made me feel unbalanced, insecure in my basic needs being, not having grounding in God. I got to the boiling point when I realized okay something is wrong if I keep thinking that struggle has to be apart of my story here in here in LA.

So I did the work. I took a chakra test ( I created affirmations. I purchased a garnet crystal great for root chakra. Got back into alignment with GOD’s word and I can happily say i have removed struggle from my LA story, I am nearly free of fears when it comes to my finances, feeling rooted in the THE ONE who created me and i all around just feel stable in my existence and journey here in LA.

If you are are like me and your root chakra is not up to par do my meditation/affirmation in a quiet area and please commit to the practice because if you do not commit to the healing then you will not receive the revealing.

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