3 Ways To Let HIM/HER Go

Hey Beloveds!

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t let someone go? It’s as if they are haunting you?Like everything you do reminds you of them? When people ask these questions it’s usually about a lover or spouse or partner but in this case I am talking about YOURSELF.

The old you that you can’t seem to let go of or the you that comes to the surface even though you’ve done the work to try to bury them. In my latest video I share with you three tips that I have used myself to let go of my old self, specifically my younger 20’s self that tries to come up.

In my younger 20’s I was so uncomfortable with my body, had no idea who GOD really was, sought out validation + attention outside of myself and I have done the work to heal those parts of me but sometimes when I am triggered or unsure the worry, fear, doubt stemming from these areas springs up.

The most important thing in healing is to be consistent with your self work. To put all of YOU in YOU because YOU are so damn worth it. Enjoy this video and please feel free to share!



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