Faith Based + Spiritual Books I’m Reading

Hello Beloveds!

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus because I really needed to replenish and get back to me. During this break from the inter webs and basically all human contact I’ve been reading two new books and was generously gifted another. I am so excited about the ways these books have entered into my life and I’m even happier to share the wealth and introduce them to you guys in my latest video


In my latest video I discus Devon Franklin’s new book The Hollywood Commandments which touches on staying a faith based human being while still succeeding in an industry that is known to be very worldly. You can purchase the book here . This book has given me great insight and understanding that we do not have to change once money, power and fame are brought before us. These things are given to us to be used by God for the betterment of the world and we have to be steadfast in knowing that those things are illusions and don’t really mean shit. Going to church the day Devon was speaking and just hearing what he was saying and the beautiful coincidences that led me to church that day, I know that this book is holding the key to something for many of our futures. This book is perfect for someone who is an entertainer/actor like myself and needs to know they can be true to themselves as well as having major success.

The next book was gifted to me by the amazing people over at Divine Arts Media which is a publishing house devoted to being light workers in this world. They sent me over the book The Power of I AM by Geoffrey Jowett which delves deep into the understanding of chakras and how to use them in our everyday lives. I was so glad they reached out the me because learning about chakras has been a focus of mine for a few months now. You can purchase the book here . Be sure to check out their website and follow them on all social media to stay up to date on all your lightwkrker resources.

Lastly this book has literally pulled me by my spiritual edges. Sarah Jakes roberts book Don’t Settle For Less came into my life exactly before I decided to spend alone time with myself. This book called my soul to it and from day one and page one it has been almost like the big sister I never had. Her book will thaw out your hardened heart and allow you to heal from the bullshit the world has placed on you or put you through. You can purchase her book here . I am almost finished with the book but I will absolutely be rereading this book RIGHT when I am done reading it!

Be sure to get these books into your corner before the year is over! Thank you for reading and subscribing and be sure to share and comment!


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