STORYTIME: I Put Up My Boundaries

Hey Beloveds,

Have you ever met someone who says something and it triggers you and you have no idea why but if they say that thing to you one more time you will explode? Yeah that’s what this video is about…

Putting up boundaries is tough and scary. We’ve been programmed to make sure that we are liked by everybody around us which is bullshit. We can’t control how other people feel about us. We can’t control their perceptions of us. The only thing we can control is how we decide to act and be around people. Everyday we must acknowledge and flow into being the type of person we would want to be….which is OURSELVES.

If someone doesn’t like you for being you and putting up boundaries and saying no…well sucks for them because you are’s their loss.

In my latest video I put up my boundaries with a co-worker and this is what happened.


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