Healing Relationship Trauma

Hey Beloveds!

This has been on my heart for a while since I am in a season of grounding myself in GOD as I make the decision to be with myself and not date or be romantically available to any person. As I go through this time GOD is bringing so much dark + dirtiness up for me to deal with. Things that I don’t even think about are coming up. It’s really scary and wonderful to see GOD just healing, restoring and remodeling me to be who I truly am.

As children seeds are planted by adults, family, teachers, other children. Some good some bad, pertaining to how we allow people treat us + how we treat people. Many of us move in our love life by what seeds were planted. For example I was never sat down and taught self worth, so when it came time to date I took any person that wanted to me and i’ve been doing that for 11 years.

As I enter the end of my 20’s I must heal. It’s completely unhealthy to accept whatever person comes your way. In my latest video I talk about the first time I was hurt in my love life that led to me thinking that so many things were okay. Let me know where you thought hurt was okay in the comments below.


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