Hey Beloveds!

How are you guys doing? So far 2018 is feeling free flowy. I’m not doing the most or doing the least, I’m keeping the pace and taking it easy. I’m not doing anything drastic but I am making intentional tweaks and watering them everyday. I am coming into and becoming more of me. Something that always makes me feel like me is my red lipstick.

I love a good red lip because it makes me feel seen, bold and HERE! My go to red lips are MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Retro Matte in Dance With Me and Sephora Brand Lipstain Always Red. My first red lip was Ruby Woo and that’s is a cult favorite and a go-to red for all skin tones. The thing about Ruby Woo is that it is soul suckingly dry. Great color, terrible formula. MAC came out with Retro Mattes about 2 years ago and my mom actually gave me her Dance With Me and it’s deep and it’s romantic and it gives me a low-key sexy vibe with it’s smooth application and stay all day formula. Lastly is GREATEST OF ALL TIME Sephora’s Brand lip stain Always Red which is bright, beautiful and fiery!

I love all of these for my deep skin tone and I do believe that these are also great for all skin tones. Dive into my latest video to show you how these lips look!


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