Hey Beloveds!

I have been a vegetarian for ONE WHOLE YEAR! I am so proud of myself for having enough self will to stay away from meats and seafood. It’s been such a journey since I was about 19, I tried being a vegetarian but I was carb-loading and ended up gaining so much weight and feeling like crap. Then I went back to eating meat, moving to LA made more health conscious so I tried to be a pescatarian, then I went back to eating meat and becoming a flexitarian eating meat occasionally. Then finally last February I watched a documentary that connected the energy of death and our intake of it when we eat meat and seafood and that was enough for me!

So in my latest Youtube video I share with you more reasons of why I don’t eat meat and some of vitamins I take to keep my temple healed and healthy and I also share how I’ve been craving meat lately…SAY WWHHAAAT??!!

enjoy. comment. like. share.


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