It’s Not About You BOO

Our gifts are given to us by GOD and our gift back to GOD is to go forth and release them to the world. Get out of your own way, let fear kick rocks and go about your business of doing what you’ve been called to do….boo!

God gives us all gifts + talents. And what we do with those gifts and talents is our gift back to the world. Your talent, your blog, your business, your acting career, your dance career, your music career HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. I know you think it does but it doesn’t it. it’s about your family members you will inspire, your friends that you will motivate, the people that you will never meet who will see you succeed and KNOW that they can do it to. The point of it all is to uplift others to come into the truth of their gifts and talents so that we can live our truest selves and raise up humanity.

That was a long explanation for my new video! LOL! Watch and let me know your thoughts.



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