Celibate + Single

Hey beloveds!

I have been on the self love journey since about 2013 after a very annoying breakup. I started asking myself why do I think I deserve to be treated in ways that are disrespectful, absentminded and selfish? Why did I continue to believe that love had to be messy, drama-filled and hurtful? I started with re-reading my self help books, using affirmations, meditations, looking up to the OG’s of self care and changing my lifestyle.

Fast forward to moving and living in LA and I was still making the same mistake of  hurt filled love. What was I doing wrong?! I was so frustrated after my last relationship that I said enough is enough. I dug deep, really deep and brought up the ugly, the childhood trauma, the dating pattern that was hiding in plain site and that’s when I made the decision to commit my body to GOD to heal and to be revealed the love that is here for me.

I for the next year will not be dating, admiring anyone, no sex, no masturbation, fast forwarding through any tv sex scenes, not listening to too many RnB songs looolll. I never thought I would be here but here I am. Feeling at peace and excited to be doing something i’ve never done before and I am eager to see what is on the other side of my year of singledom and celibacy




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