Hey Beloveds!

Have you ever made a lifestyle choice and felt like those around you whether they be strangers or close friends make you feel weird about it? This year I decided to release myself from drinking, all things sexual and I hit my one year mark with being a vegetarian. The latest decision and the one that gets the most reactions is the decision to stop drinking. And the reactions I get from people are hilarious!

In our society getting wasted, blacking out, shit faced is normal. Do not get me wrong I was chugging down Natural Ice with the best of them as a Senior in High School and you couldn’t tell me shit about my excessive consumption of Hurricanes when I’m in New Orleans. But this year I shifted and I said okay let me try another way to live. Since the beginning of this year I have had the ability to focus on working on myself without any distractions or vices and that was my intention at the top of this year. To really work on myself.

Find out more in my latest video and share with me what have you diced to let go of in 2018?



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