Aims Moon Paperie Review

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 10.38.16 PM.png

Hi Beloveds!

How many of you still use a journal? Not just a journal but a quality journal that’s NOT from Target or TJ Maxx? I’m guilty too but when I got the chance to Aims Moon Paperie stationary goods I realized how important it is to shop intentionally for our paper goods. Aims Moon Paperie is a beautifully black woman owned business started by Amy Slaughter in 2016 based in St. Louis, Missouri!


Luxury Stationer: Amy Slaughter/ A “goal-getting” woman with the burning desire to design beautiful, functional Stationery.


Who doesn’t like pretty paper?! With all of this technology using paper seems like an outdated idea but I believe beautiful paper, books, stationary should be cherished. Aims Moon Paperie is set around her love and appreciation of the moon and I totally love her use of foliage because you know I love a good plant! Her company also offers pins, note cards, notebooks to meet all of your stationary needs. Shop her dope collection here and be sure to follow her on IG @aimsmoonpaperie

Check out my full review on my Youtube Channel!


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