Friendly Reminder

Hey Beloveds!

Here is friendly reminder I carry with me in my phone and I wanted to share it with you…

Remind yourself that even when you mess up….God’s restoration is close behind. No matter what you are his child, his creation and you will always in all ways be taken care of. Even when you mess up you are lovingly placed back on the right path renewed, stronger, bolder than before. The sorrow never lasts for too long so be open and receptive to the miracles that are here for you. EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING is working out for your greater good






Hi Beloveds!
It has become a revolutionary act for millennials to engage in acts of self care. More recently the past few years have seen young black women engaging in the revolutionary act of self care. We are letting go of the generational curses of putting everyone else’s lives before our own causing major self depletion.
Self care is giving yourself permission to heal for a moment. To let it all out and soothe yourself simultaneously. I’ve been intentionally self caring for the past two years. When times get tough I take a moment, slow down and refill.
Some self-care tips I offer in my latest video are:
1. Scream Into A Pillow (new personal fav)
2. Speak Life Over Your Body As You Lotion Up
3. Be In The Moment of Cooking (Thanks @mykieintheraw)
4. Repeating All Is Well during Life’s Rougher Moments
5. Smile At Yourself First Thing in the Morning
Self care has saved me over and over again when life got too much so if an intentional self care practice has not become part of your life routine I highly encourage it!
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Missing Key To Manifesting

Hi Beloveds!

Welcome to July! Let’s get into various ways you can have those blessings fall into your lap and feel good while waiting for them. We have all been given the gift of co-creating with the Creator. We know affirmations work, we know cognitive dissonance is real. But here is just one thing that people are missing in their lack of patience for the blessings to fall into their lap. And this is feeling good. Plains and Simple.

When we visualize and manifest we have to imagine how it would FEEL to have that thing or experience. The Universe goes off of vibrations and frequencies and energy. Are you in a mood or space to be able to receive that which you are praying for?

In my latest video let’s go deeper in discussing the feeling aspect of manifesting.

Prosperity > Struggle : Living in LA

Hey Beloveds!

Where in your life are you accepting struggle because of subconscious beliefs from your childhood or upbringing?
Now is the time to let go of old subconscious thought that no longer serve you and step into the abundance and prosperity that has been here for you all along.
Along with thoughts it’s about actions. The small actions we make give our new thoughts the reality it needs to make it physically real.
This has been an on again off again thing for me here in LA but I am confident that the switch from struggle to prosperity has been turned on for good!
Tune into my latest video as I get candid about the way I was raised and how that affected me making decisions as an adult. Subscribe. Comment. Share.

Aims Moon Paperie Review

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 10.38.16 PM.png

Hi Beloveds!

How many of you still use a journal? Not just a journal but a quality journal that’s NOT from Target or TJ Maxx? I’m guilty too but when I got the chance to Aims Moon Paperie stationary goods I realized how important it is to shop intentionally for our paper goods. Aims Moon Paperie is a beautifully black woman owned business started by Amy Slaughter in 2016 based in St. Louis, Missouri!


Luxury Stationer: Amy Slaughter/ A “goal-getting” woman with the burning desire to design beautiful, functional Stationery.


Who doesn’t like pretty paper?! With all of this technology using paper seems like an outdated idea but I believe beautiful paper, books, stationary should be cherished. Aims Moon Paperie is set around her love and appreciation of the moon and I totally love her use of foliage because you know I love a good plant! Her company also offers pins, note cards, notebooks to meet all of your stationary needs. Shop her dope collection here and be sure to follow her on IG @aimsmoonpaperie

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What is F.E.A.R?

What is fear but false evidence appearing real? Falseness is deceptive. Evidence is something that is real but in our minds is the only place these images are “real” not in reality. It appears real because it is in fact appearing in your mind but not in your physical reality and that’s the trick. To understand that it’s not real and that it’s an illusion. Listen to my latest Youtube Live Stream and be sure to subscribe and comment!

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Hey Beloveds!

For the month of June I am giving away my self love course for $10

My e-course is all about diving into the dirt and unearthing the parts of you that no longer serve you. With questions, meditations and exercises to assist you coming out on the other side as the person God intended you to be.

better. healed. ready.

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Hi Beloveds!

I’ll keep it short and sweet because I just finished doing this Youtube Live and now I am starving!

The self love journey is ready to be embarked on when you are. In this video I discuss the 4 elements of the self love journey: self love, self care, self worth and overflow of self. In my e-course which is only $10 for the month of June I assist you in unearthing parts of yourself that no longer serve you and give you the tools you need to become your highest, loving most delicious self.



As we are moving towards a more conscious state so many of us are letting go of things we thought were okay…for example toxic candles. Candles from Glade, Bath + Body Works, etc are full of lead wicks, formaldehyde and so many toxic chemicals that are terrible to breathe in.


In my latest Youtube video I discuss brands to transition to that are soy or coconut wax candles with wooden or organic cotton wicks. One of my go to cleaner air options are Voluspa Candles which are made in California and my newest fav black owned Spiritualista-Beautique who specializes in intentional affirmation candles hand poured in NYC. I love both of these candle companies! Bonus they are both inexpensive and leave a clean burn

Head over to both of their Instagrams and tell them been sent ya!