Born and raised in Detroit. Donyale has been able to turn her love of music into a career working alongside heavy hitters like Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj as well as managing acts such as Jackson Mississippi’s Coke Bumaye. It hasn’t been an easy road but Donyale is one of the most grounded, kind, low key geniuses I’ve ever met. Do me a favor and listen to her drop gems and be sure to follow her company management page @dopesince1980



Hey Beloveds~

A few weeks ago I went to Atlanta and it was pretty cool. Some ups and some downs but all in all it was a pretty dope experience being that I’ve never been to the city. The weather wasn’t that great but there were so many vegan/vegetarian options that made up for it.

Atlanta feels like a blend between New Jersey with all it’s lush trees and suburban neighborhoods mixed with the south because of the warm winds and kindness of people.

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Hi Beloveds!

You know when you keep doing things the same way and it works for a while then something happens and you’re just like…okay this isn’t working for me anymore. That’s how I feel about talking to EVERYBODY about ALL my problems. Some people are not worthy of hearing your business. Yes your co-corker and your neighbor’s dog might be super insightful and wise but that doesn’t mean you need to open your big mouth to them!

I used to call everyone about everything until I started getting and taking advice that didn’t fit the new person I had become. I started to realize that only I and GOD can figure out majority of my trials and tribulations. It has been hard not calling the people I love for help or putting up boundaries.

Relying on yourself is a hard ass thing. Relying on GOD is sometimes even harder. And of course sometimes it’s great to get advice from people who you can trust but why not go to the only two constants in your life which is YOU + GOD.

Trust me when I say it takes practice and it takes work but to know that you can trust yourself to make divine decisions….that’s a revolutionary feeling

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Here we are again beloveds! A year later loving deeper, seeing clearer, living fuller. Last year I started this series to promote my self love e course education.This year we are focusing on healing which is in my opinion the most important part of the self love journey. Join me in this series as I open up and share with you some of parts of me that I have healed from. Let’s start a convo of healing below!


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Why do I take Ashwagandha? Because a few months ago my intention was to take my mind, body, spirit to the next level and that includes what I put in my body. I’ve been taking Ashwagandha for a little over 6 weeks and I have to say I have been able to handle stressful situations more calmly and anxiety levels have seriously dropped. This adaptogenic, Indian-grown root supports harmony, whole-body balance, and vitality. I purchased mine from moon


Hey Beloveds!

Can we just give Rihanna a round of applause for the just owning her body in all its’ ways! She has not conformed to the industry false standards of having to be super skinny at all times especially when you have multiple movie premiers. Rihanna’s Crop Over look was EVERYTHING! If you have no idea about what Crop Over is or anything about island culture educate yourself with the latest episode of VIEWS FROM THE CHIXX HERE, a musical podcast run by women keeping their voices heard in a male dominated industry.

Back to Rihanna, her look totally broke the internet and had everyone buzzing. She exudes confidence because she refuses to let the world outside of her and around tell her tell her otherwise. We can all take a note of Rihanna’s book. That is what my latest video is about. Body Confidence + Body Shaming.


We have grown so much as a society now. Do you remember when Jessica Simpson gained weight and came into her natural body? The world wouldn’t let her live and refused to accept her as who she was. I think we’ve grown so much as a society of true acceptance because not ONE person had a negative thing to say about RiRi coming into her natural weight. This has a lot to do with Black Twitter and social media as ¬†whole being a society itself and standing up for love, positivity, realness and acceptance.


In my latest video let’s dive deeper into Body Confidence and all things Rihanna!



Hey beloveds!

At first I was very apprehensive about sharing my living space on the inter webs.

  1. People are judgy.
  2. People are nosey.

My bedroom has always felt like a sanctuary for me. I didn’t have my own room until I was about 16 and I enjoyed the quiet of that room in NY. I enjoyed painting, praying, reading, watching weird spiritual videos. It was mine and I knew when something was wrong or didn’t feel right I could always come into my room.

Now as an adult living on my own and in a better space than I was when I first moved to LA my space is coming together so well. I’m a proud plant mama, although I think I’ve killed about 2 succulents so far (SOMEONE HELP…LOL). I enjoy my room because it is simply, boho, vibe, stylish, comfortable, fun and peaceful and represents me. On Youtube people have these elaborate rooms and apartments that are all kind of clean and look the same (white rug, white roses, huge vanity table w/ lights) and it can be intimidating when your room looks nothing like their well done Target/IKEA gifted to them room.

Nonetheless I am about realness, vulnerability, truth and openness so in my perfect for me imperfect room I hope you can find some inspiration and admiration.

Check out my room tour below!