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Hey Beloveds!

Where in your life are you accepting struggle because of subconscious beliefs from your childhood or upbringing?
Now is the time to let go of old subconscious thought that no longer serve you and step into the abundance and prosperity that has been here for you all along.
Along with thoughts it’s about actions. The small actions we make give our new thoughts the reality it needs to make it physically real.
This has been an on again off again thing for me here in LA but I am confident that the switch from struggle to prosperity has been turned on for good!
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Aims Moon Paperie Review

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Hi Beloveds!

How many of you still use a journal? Not just a journal but a quality journal that’s NOT from Target or TJ Maxx? I’m guilty too but when I got the chance to Aims Moon Paperie stationary goods I realized how important it is to shop intentionally for our paper goods. Aims Moon Paperie is a beautifully black woman owned business started by Amy Slaughter in 2016 based in St. Louis, Missouri!


Luxury Stationer: Amy Slaughter/ A “goal-getting” woman with the burning desire to design beautiful, functional Stationery.


Who doesn’t like pretty paper?! With all of this technology using paper seems like an outdated idea but I believe beautiful paper, books, stationary should be cherished. Aims Moon Paperie is set around her love and appreciation of the moon and I totally love her use of foliage because you know I love a good plant! Her company also offers pins, note cards, notebooks to meet all of your stationary needs. Shop her dope collection here and be sure to follow her on IG @aimsmoonpaperie

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What is F.E.A.R?

What is fear but false evidence appearing real? Falseness is deceptive. Evidence is something that is real but in our minds is the only place these images are “real” not in reality. It appears real because it is in fact appearing in your mind but not in your physical reality and that’s the trick. To understand that it’s not real and that it’s an illusion. Listen to my latest Youtube Live Stream and be sure to subscribe and comment!

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Hi Beloveds!

I’ll keep it short and sweet because I just finished doing this Youtube Live and now I am starving!

The self love journey is ready to be embarked on when you are. In this video I discuss the 4 elements of the self love journey: self love, self care, self worth and overflow of self. In my e-course which is only $10 for the month of June I assist you in unearthing parts of yourself that no longer serve you and give you the tools you need to become your highest, loving most delicious self.



There are so many things that can get in the way of us getting out the dreams that were planted in us the day we were born. You might think there are already too many blogs, you compare your beginning to someone’s middle, you feel like you failed because you put yourself out there and it didn’t “pop”. I’m here to tell you the world needs you now more than ever. We need what you individually have to offer. Watch my Youtube Live to receive some tips and advice on ways to get your gifts out




Hey Beloveds!

Have you ever made a lifestyle choice and felt like those around you whether they be strangers or close friends make you feel weird about it? This year I decided to release myself from drinking, all things sexual and I hit my one year mark with being a vegetarian. The latest decision and the one that gets the most reactions is the decision to stop drinking. And the reactions I get from people are hilarious!

In our society getting wasted, blacking out, shit faced is normal. Do not get me wrong I was chugging down Natural Ice with the best of them as a Senior in High School and you couldn’t tell me shit about my excessive consumption of Hurricanes when I’m in New Orleans. But this year I shifted and I said okay let me try another way to live. Since the beginning of this year I have had the ability to focus on working on myself without any distractions or vices and that was my intention at the top of this year. To really work on myself.

Find out more in my latest video and share with me what have you diced to let go of in 2018?



Hey Beloveds!

Pursuing a career in the entertainment industry is weird, daunting, exhausting but probably one of the most gratifying careers on this planet. There are days were I go without hearing from my agent then there are weeks were I auditioning back to back like nobodies business. People are always say that the entertainment industry is competitive and hard but I always disagree because I am a firm believer in what’s for YOU is for YOU and every step you take is part of the process.



In my latest video I share with you all the steps and moments that were taken to me being cast in Season One of the hit show GROWNISH! I booked this job back in November    and it was such a dope ass and heart filling experience. Let me know if you are an actor in the comments below!!



Hey beloveds!

Happy Sunday! Before anything go back and watch part 1 of my BFF TAG with my best friend my passion_22! I had so much fun going back and editing this video because not only did we share some laughs but it just showed how much we have grown and how much drama we found ourselves in and how awesome it is to no longer be in that space.

I am always thankful for good times with Ashley because we just get each other and allow each other to be ALL aspects of ourselves. Catch our vibe and be sure to subscribe. comment. share.


Hey Beloveds!

Do you guys have that friend that you don’t always talk, you don’t always see each other but when you do it’s as if no time has truly passed? The type of friend that you can sense when they need an encouraging  phone  call or text? My BFF @mypassion_22 have been friends since high school and that pretty much sums up our adult friendship.

Ashley and I are both Aries but very different types of Aries. Ashley is much nicer and gentler while I can be a bit more aggressive but what’s so refreshing about our friendship is that I help her come out of her shell more and she helps me calm it down a bit. In our latest video check out how we met, our crazy high school memories and more! Be sure to follow her on her makeup page my passion_22.

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