Hey Beloveds!

Can we just give Rihanna a round of applause for the just owning her body in all its’ ways! She has not conformed to the industry false standards of having to be super skinny at all times especially when you have multiple movie premiers. Rihanna’s Crop Over look was EVERYTHING! If you have no idea about what Crop Over is or anything about island culture educate yourself with the latest episode of VIEWS FROM THE CHIXX HERE, a musical podcast run by women keeping their voices heard in a male dominated industry.

Back to Rihanna, her look totally broke the internet and had everyone buzzing. She exudes confidence because she refuses to let the world outside of her and around tell her tell her otherwise. We can all take a note of Rihanna’s book. That is what my latest video is about. Body Confidence + Body Shaming.


We have grown so much as a society now. Do you remember when Jessica Simpson gained weight and came into her natural body? The world wouldn’t let her live and refused to accept her as who she was. I think we’ve grown so much as a society of true acceptance because not ONE person had a negative thing to say about RiRi coming into her natural weight. This has a lot to do with Black Twitter and social media as  whole being a society itself and standing up for love, positivity, realness and acceptance.


In my latest video let’s dive deeper into Body Confidence and all things Rihanna!



Hey beloveds!

At first I was very apprehensive about sharing my living space on the inter webs.

  1. People are judgy.
  2. People are nosey.

My bedroom has always felt like a sanctuary for me. I didn’t have my own room until I was about 16 and I enjoyed the quiet of that room in NY. I enjoyed painting, praying, reading, watching weird spiritual videos. It was mine and I knew when something was wrong or didn’t feel right I could always come into my room.

Now as an adult living on my own and in a better space than I was when I first moved to LA my space is coming together so well. I’m a proud plant mama, although I think I’ve killed about 2 succulents so far (SOMEONE HELP…LOL). I enjoy my room because it is simply, boho, vibe, stylish, comfortable, fun and peaceful and represents me. On Youtube people have these elaborate rooms and apartments that are all kind of clean and look the same (white rug, white roses, huge vanity table w/ lights) and it can be intimidating when your room looks nothing like their well done Target/IKEA gifted to them room.

Nonetheless I am about realness, vulnerability, truth and openness so in my perfect for me imperfect room I hope you can find some inspiration and admiration.

Check out my room tour below!


Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 7.55.45 PM

Do you know how much I adore New Orleans? Not jus a casual love. Seriously there is nothing not to like about NOLA. The people are super friendly and free. The food is super fresh, fried and passionately made. The architecture oozes American history as well as the history of slavery. Louisiana isn’t like other southern states I’ve visited, the blend of Creole, African, French, American vibes all mixed in one makes it one of my favorite cities in the world….so far (I’ve never been to Asia or I really wanna go to Antarctica?)

Of course you can party and drink and be who you are in NOLA but you can also just enjoy your beignets and people watch. It’s really what you make it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 7.57.32 PM

This was our second time in New Orleans and this time we were there during Essence Festival which is a three day music + empowerment event filled with the originators like Mary J. Blige to the new school like Teyana Taylor. There were so many things to do we didn’t know what to choose and kind of missed out on some dope events but we know better for next time. We stayed at the which was super close to the French Quarter and i highly recommend staying here!

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 7.57.18 PM.png

Check out all the beauty, magic, laughter, freedom we experienced in New Orleans in my latest video and be sure to share this with anyone you know headed to the Big Easy!

Sexy Golden Milk Recipe

I love good drink concoction. I love a good golden milk recipe. I’ve been drinking golden milk for about 2 years now and I love it right before I’m about to go to sleep because it helps me enjoy a deeper sleep.

I didn’t grow up drinking smoothies and juices but my mother got really sick a few years ago and it was about the same time that I decided to dive deep into the Tumblr world and discovered Hey Fran Hey who introduced me to all these amazing, holistic, alternative ways to live life.

Fast forward to 2017 and I NEED a smoothie a day and encourage everybody I meet and know to add this to their life.

Okay so with the Sexy Golden Milk I decided to add Cacao from Ghana to the mix. Cacao is a mood stabilizer as well as an aphrodisiac hence the SEXY part. And I used an Agave Blend from Trader Joes only because I haven’t had the extra money to purchase their CREAMED RAW HONEY (made by the hands of GOD….seriously so damn good). Check out the recipe below you guys know I don’t measure shit in the kitchen so use your own discretion when adding the ingredients. Indulge. Enjoy. Share. Comment. Repeat.

  1. Fill your cup/mug with almond milk
  2. Pour your measured almond milk into the saucepan
  3. Add turmeric
  4. Add black pepper
  5. Add cacao powder
  6. Add agave or honey
  7. Add cinnamon
  8. Heat mid to low temp
  9. Stir so that the cacao powder doesn’t get all clumpy
  10. Pour. Sip. Be Present


Our Chakras are the energy points that flow along our spine. Each chakra represents something different for our human needs. I chose to focus on the sacral plexus chakra because this is the chakra that is connected to sexual energy as well as creative energy. If this area of your life is not balanced then it will seep into other areas of your life causing imbalance. Check out this cleansing that I know will benefit you, your partner and your future sex life

Here are clear instructions for the cleansing:

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BlueBerry Blessings Smoothie

Hey Beloveds!

I don’t share enough of my smoothie, juice or meal recipes on here so here goes nothing. You guys know I love a good home made smoothie! I’ve been making smoothies and juices for about 4 years now and they have helped me so much with tummy stuff. Smoothies are such a great meal replacement and they are so cost efficient because most frozen fruit bags run from $2-$4. I just made this concoction this morning and it is goooooood. If you don’t already incorporate smoothies into your daily life do it! Your tummy, skin and body will thank you 😊

1 cup Almond Milk
1 handful Frozen Bluberries
3-4 Pitted Dates
Half an Avocado
1 cup Plain Yogurt
Moon Juice Beauty Dust
Half a Banana

Blend on High and Enjoy! Share with me some of your favorite smoothie recipes or let me know how much you liked this one below!


My First Psychic/Healing Reading

Psychics and  healers get such a bad rep. People believe they are bad and they are just scammers…remember Miss Cleo LOL! At the end of the day we all have spiritual gifts and talents and some people have decided to make a living using theirs.

There are Christians that use their spiritual powers for wrong and people of different beliefs who use their power for good it’s all about using your own discernment. We all have the ability to tap into this space of psychic energy but until then + if you feel comfortable there really is no harm in seeing a healer for extra help or assistance in this life journey.

But trust me after interning at a metaphysical store I have seen people lose their own sense of power and see healers on a weekly basis because they’ve replaced their own personal power with someone else’s and have forgotten that they too have the inner guidance and wisdom that they seek.

In my latest video I share with you my first reading and how most of it caught me off guard but also how a lot of it confirmed and resonated with things that were already in my spirit. Let me know your thoughts on readings in the comments below!


LA Apartment Hunting Warnings!

Los Angeles. The city of palm trees, sunsets, beaches….BED BUGS, ROACHES, WATER BUGS + A SERIOUS HOMELESS PROBLEM

The way Los Angeles is depicted on television, just like many things, is very deceiving. Nobody talks about the serious homeless situation, the new bed bug infestation and just how dirty some parts of LA can be.

In my latest video I talk about how to find apartments and what to look for when apartment searching. For example it’s best to look for apartments that are fully gutted rather than remodeled because more than likely if an apartment is remodeled that means the old parts of it, such as the pipes, are still going to be there even though you have a new fridge lol. New fridge < Old Pipes.

Again check out my latest video below and get right while apartment hunting in the city of angels.