Why Do I Keep Dating Cool People?

Hey Beloveds!

I’ve come to the conclusion this year that I have been dating the same type of person since I was 16. I have had to finally ask myself what is the link in me that is attracting and allowing these people into my heart?

During a very powerful meditation practice I asked why do I date mysterious, edgy, cool people? What is in me that is attracting them? In this latest video I share some really real thoughts that occurred during my meditation practice today. Is anyone in this boat with me? If so comment below!


Normal Day in LA with Me // VLOG

Hey Beloveds!

In my latest video I share with you a normal ass day in Los Angeles with me! I think sometimes with social media people believe that you are living the life and you are always poppin. Which is not true at all! More days are normal and chill than fabulous and flaunty.

In this video I do my normal off day things and I hope this gives you perspective on what people really look like behind the filters, glitz and glam.


life. Update.

Hey Beloveds,

I did a video a few days ago just letting myself out. Just talking and letting you guys a little bit more into my world. it’s always vulnerable and weird putting myself out there because I know people that I do know in my real life watch my videos and sometimes I feel like I have to be careful of what I say. But how can I be vulnerable and authentic if a part of me is staying boarded up.

In this latest video I let it out and I promise myself and to you that I will be more open and honest and more authentic and letting go of what people around me and in my life think.

xx been

Affirmation/Meditation for LA

This is a meditation filled with affirmations that will assist anybody who is thinking of moving to LA or already in LA and dealing with some hardships. I personally used these affirmations and I can honestly say with commitment you will feel better and see changes and shifts in your life + energy.


Hey Beloveds!

My amazing cousins from the UK came to visit me a few weeks back and it was so wonderful to be in their presence!

These cousins feel like my sisters and we can really talk about anything, laugh as loud as we please and really just be there for each other. During their visit we went to Sweet Chick here on Fairfax, The Grove, Roscoe’s Chicken + Waffles, Santa Monica Beach and so many other cool LA spots. C Comment below and let me know what you guys think!




Born and raised in Detroit. Donyale has been able to turn her love of music into a career working alongside heavy hitters like Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj as well as managing acts such as Jackson Mississippi’s Coke Bumaye. It hasn’t been an easy road but Donyale is one of the most grounded, kind, low key geniuses I’ve ever met. Do me a favor and listen to her drop gems and be sure to follow her company management page @dopesince1980


Hey Beloveds~

A few weeks ago I went to Atlanta and it was pretty cool. Some ups and some downs but all in all it was a pretty dope experience being that I’ve never been to the city. The weather wasn’t that great but there were so many vegan/vegetarian options that made up for it.

Atlanta feels like a blend between New Jersey with all it’s lush trees and suburban neighborhoods mixed with the south because of the warm winds and kindness of people.

Check out my blog and if you are in Atlanta and have never been to the places I ventured off to then do yourself a favor and check them out asap.



Hi Beloveds!

You know when you keep doing things the same way and it works for a while then something happens and you’re just like…okay this isn’t working for me anymore. That’s how I feel about talking to EVERYBODY about ALL my problems. Some people are not worthy of hearing your business. Yes your co-corker and your neighbor’s dog might be super insightful and wise but that doesn’t mean you need to open your big mouth to them!

I used to call everyone about everything until I started getting and taking advice that didn’t fit the new person I had become. I started to realize that only I and GOD can figure out majority of my trials and tribulations. It has been hard not calling the people I love for help or putting up boundaries.

Relying on yourself is a hard ass thing. Relying on GOD is sometimes even harder. And of course sometimes it’s great to get advice from people who you can trust but why not go to the only two constants in your life which is YOU + GOD.

Trust me when I say it takes practice and it takes work but to know that you can trust yourself to make divine decisions….that’s a revolutionary feeling

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Here we are again beloveds! A year later loving deeper, seeing clearer, living fuller. Last year I started this series to promote my self love e course be.love. education.This year we are focusing on healing which is in my opinion the most important part of the self love journey. Join me in this series as I open up and share with you some of parts of me that I have healed from. Let’s start a convo of healing below!


If you are really ready to do the work and heal and experience real shifts of self acceptance in your life then follow me on Instagram and DM me for deets on registering for my be.LOVE.education course