Celibate + Single

Hey beloveds!

I have been on the self love journey since about 2013 after a very annoying breakup. I started asking myself why do I think I deserve to be treated in ways that are disrespectful, absentminded and selfish? Why did I continue to believe that love had to be messy, drama-filled and hurtful? I started with re-reading my self help books, using affirmations, meditations, looking up to the OG’s of self care and changing my lifestyle.

Fast forward to moving and living in LA and I was still making the same mistake of ┬áhurt filled love. What was I doing wrong?! I was so frustrated after my last relationship that I said enough is enough. I dug deep, really deep and brought up the ugly, the childhood trauma, the dating pattern that was hiding in plain site and that’s when I made the decision to commit my body to GOD to heal and to be revealed the love that is here for me.

I for the next year will not be dating, admiring anyone, no sex, no masturbation, fast forwarding through any tv sex scenes, not listening to too many RnB songs looolll. I never thought I would be here but here I am. Feeling at peace and excited to be doing something i’ve never done before and I am eager to see what is on the other side of my year of singledom and celibacy





Hey Beloveds!

I have been a vegetarian for ONE WHOLE YEAR! I am so proud of myself for having enough self will to stay away from meats and seafood. It’s been such a journey since I was about 19, I tried being a vegetarian but I was carb-loading and ended up gaining so much weight and feeling like crap. Then I went back to eating meat, moving to LA made more health conscious so I tried to be a pescatarian, then I went back to eating meat and becoming a flexitarian eating meat occasionally. Then finally last February I watched a documentary that connected the energy of death and our intake of it when we eat meat and seafood and that was enough for me!

So in my latest Youtube video I share with you more reasons of why I don’t eat meat and some of vitamins I take to keep my temple healed and healthy and I also share how I’ve been craving meat lately…SAY WWHHAAAT??!!

enjoy. comment. like. share.


Hi Beloveds!

I made this video because january has been bringing so many lessons to surface that I know GOD has called me to move through and use and practice for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

We give our power away to so many people and we are left feeling unworthy, less than and undeserving. THE GAG IS…..this world has no idea what it’s doing or what it’s about so it tries to diminish you and suppress you and control you and shape you. But shape you into what? Shape you into who?

Into whatever it can digest. Nah I’ld rather be undigestible.

In my latest video I share some things i am taking my power back from. let me know in the comments below what you are taking your power back from.


Take A Social Media Break // TIPS

Hey Beloveds,

Social Media is life. Sadly we do not know the long term effects this is taking on our lives. Take a moment to consider breaking up with social media. Check out my latest video on with tips and reasons to put the Instagram DOWN!

I believe in fasting and taking breaks for the mind and soul to recharge and renew.

Have you ever taken a break from social media if so for how long? Let me know in the comments below

Why Do I Keep Dating Cool People?

Hey Beloveds!

I’ve come to the conclusion this year that I have been dating the same type of person since I was 16. I have had to finally ask myself what is the link in me that is attracting and allowing these people into my heart?

During a very powerful meditation practice I asked why do I date mysterious, edgy, cool people? What is in me that is attracting them? In this latest video I share some really real thoughts that occurred during my meditation practice today. Is anyone in this boat with me? If so comment below!

Normal Day in LA with Me // VLOG

Hey Beloveds!

In my latest video I share with you a normal ass day in Los Angeles with me! I think sometimes with social media people believe that you are living the life and you are always poppin. Which is not true at all! More days are normal and chill than fabulous and flaunty.

In this video I do my normal off day things and I hope this gives you perspective on what people really look like behind the filters, glitz and glam.


life. Update.

Hey Beloveds,

I did a video a few days ago just letting myself out. Just talking and letting you guys a little bit more into my world. it’s always vulnerable and weird putting myself out there because I know people that I do know in my real life watch my videos and sometimes I feel like I have to be careful of what I say. But how can I be vulnerable and authentic if a part of me is staying boarded up.

In this latest video I let it out and I promise myself and to you that I will be more open and honest and more authentic and letting go of what people around me and in my life think.

xx been

Affirmation/Meditation for LA

This is a meditation filled with affirmations that will assist anybody who is thinking of moving to LA or already in LA and dealing with some hardships. I personally used these affirmations and I can honestly say with commitment you will feel better and see changes and shifts in your life + energy.