Where Is Your Sexual Self Worth?

Where is your sexual self worth? Our sexuality begins from ages 7-14 if nobody talks to us about our bodies, what sex is, what sex means then man usy of get stuck in that age in our sexual life. I know my self worth was super low and was directly connected to my unhealthy sex life. Because I’ve done so much self work I’ve come to understand how beautiful, healthy, healing sex can be and I’ve learned that I can say NO. I never thought I deserved to say NO.

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Our Chakras are the energy points that flow along our spine. Each chakra represents something different for our human needs. I chose to focus on the sacral plexus chakra because this is the chakra that is connected to sexual energy as well as creative energy. If this area of your life is not balanced then it will seep into other areas of your life causing imbalance. Check out this cleansing that I know will benefit you, your partner and your future sex life

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BlueBerry Blessings Smoothie

Hey Beloveds!

I don’t share enough of my smoothie, juice or meal recipes on here so here goes nothing. You guys know I love a good home made smoothie! I’ve been making smoothies and juices for about 4 years now and they have helped me so much with tummy stuff. Smoothies are such a great meal replacement and they are so cost efficient because most frozen fruit bags run from $2-$4. I just made this concoction this morning and it is goooooood. If you don’t already incorporate smoothies into your daily life do it! Your tummy, skin and body will thank you 😊

1 cup Almond Milk
1 handful Frozen Bluberries
3-4 Pitted Dates
Half an Avocado
1 cup Plain Yogurt
Moon Juice Beauty Dust
Half a Banana

Blend on High and Enjoy! Share with me some of your favorite smoothie recipes or let me know how much you liked this one below!


Are You Afraid To Be Happy?

As a society we are taught to strive for the next thing the best thing in order to appear as if our lives are perfect. But when we finally have everything that we want, when we are finally living in the space that we prayed for why do we still feel afraid to be happy?

It’s as if we are waiting for the other shoe to drop because being happy might mean that something ” bad” might happen right when we let ourselves ease into the happiness. In my latest video I share with you some fears i have about being happy in this space of ease and presence in my life right now. Subscribe. Share.



Not All Soulmates Are Romantic

Society has taught us that there is only one for us out there. That we will one day meet our soulmates and marry them and live happily every after. BOMBACLOT! That’s rubbish and we need to let this idea go. Soulmates are divine connections made by GOD by placing two people cut form the same spiritual cloth to assist each other in this thing called life.

It gets tricky when your soulmate happens to be someone super attractive and super dope and you can’t help but think you want a romantic relationship with them because we have been taught when there are sexual/romantic feelings there we must act upon them. From experience I know this is not true and it actually blinds you from the true intention of the relationship. I have met two of soulmates and it truly is an amazing wonderful, weird, beautiful thing.

If you have met one of your many soulmates or feel like you did but you messed up take a step back and understand nothing can divide the divine connection you have. So take your time, breathe it out, pray on it. If it’s meant to be romantic it will be but if it’s not don’t be confused and make it into something it’s not supposed to be. TRUST ME! I’ve been here and it’s been messy.

We must honor our true and divine connections and not tarnish with false loneliness. When you meet a soulmate take a step back and get to know them and get clarity on the intention of the relationship.


What To Do When You See Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers are a sequence of numbers that you constantly see. You see them in the house, overtime you look at your phone, when someone rings you up at the store. It’s numbers that are basically following you around lol.

But these numbers represent the Angelic spiritual realm making it’s presence known to you. Numerology is very important and spiritually significant. We see retreating numbers like 12 in the Bible all the time (The 12 disciples, the women who bled for 12 years, the little girl who Jesus arose was 12…the number 12 in the Bible means ESTABLISHMENT) But what does this mean for you?

Every sequence of numbers has it’s own meaning at the core they all represent that you angels are with you and are loving on you and protecting your that very powerful moment. But if you know your numbers…mine are 11:11 1:11 2:22 3:33 4:44 5:55 then what do we do?

We pray. Check out some hints and tips on how I pray every time my angels come around in my latest Youtube video. Subscribe. Share. Comment.

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Every month I feel a shift in my being. My light dims, my thoughts grow dark and I am unbelievable irritable. I feel like I am closing off and into myself. I just want to go to space and not return until my menses starts. I know women feel this way. I know society makes us have to joke or use PMS as an excuse. They portray it as us eating chocolate and ice cream and crying (although these are true lol) it’s something to talk about especially the part that deals with the mental. In my latest video I share my feelings about PMS as I am going through PMS.

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8 Things I’ve Unlearned

I am turning a sexy and clear 28 in the next couple of days and I wanted to share with you the 8 things I have unlearned. Many of the things I had to unlearn stem from my childhood and teenage life. I am so grateful to GOD for hearing my prayers and seeing my tears and lifting me up into who he called me to be. In the video I discuss the following things I unlearned:

  1. I had to unlearn that my body is a negative place
  2. I had to unlearn what MY beauty means to me
  3. Comparison doesn’t have to happen
  4. Having the ability to say NO and make boundaries
  5. Not force shit
  6. SEX is not and will never equal LOVE
  7. That GOD is only for Christians
  8. That romantic relationships hurt

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What My Soulmate Taught Me

Our soulmates and twin flames are our mirrors. They reveal to us the good the bad the ugly and the weird. Soulmates and twin flames are not always romantic but the deep connection is always reciprocated.

I have been blessed to meet two of my soulmates so far + it’s a really trippy thing to know that someone that has been designed for you will never leave you and you will never leave them.

In my latest video I share how my soulmate was connected to my self love journey.