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I am happy to share with you that I have finally made some NICE CREAM! The healthier vegan option to Ice Cream…although I am not vegan and I am craving ice cream right damn now LOL.

In my latest video I decided to turn my usual morning smoothie into NICE CREAM. I believe the trick is less almond milk and more very frozen bananas than usual. I froze my bananas for about 4 days and that absolutely assisted in the consistency. It really is a nice refreshing way to get your veggies and nutrients for the day while feeling like you are having dessert. In my video I kept my NICE CREAM pretty simple no extra toppings or stuff like that. I had no time to try to be like Instagrammers who make their NICE CREAM look like works of art from a 5 star Michelin restaurant. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! Plus I shot this video super last minute so there’s that too LOL!

Okay get your ingredients out and let’s make some green smoothie nice creams before the summers over!


frozen mango
frozen banana
frozen kale
almond milk
black pepper


What the heck is an empath and why does it resonate with me? When I was younger I used to feel very timid and shy when we would go to parties. Back then I used to think exactly that…that I was shy + timid but that wasn’t true. This year I have really come to know that I am a person that is sensitive to other people’s energies, I have physic abilities and I know my own energy is able to shift a room. I couldn’t identify why I felt crappy when I got on public transportation then feel completely fine once I was off. I couldn’t identify why I have a deep desire to help people hurt people and take on their hurt. i always knew I was a spiritual person and I come from a spiritually powerful family but I couldn’t put my finger on why I also always felt different.

Recently I came across an article from that helped me identify and put a name on this mystic part of me and the magical word is EMPATH! Click here to read that article 

Now that I have been able to identify myself as an empath I have also been able to identify the things that I need to restore + replenish. That means sometimes being off of social media, showers, sage + palo santo, meditation, yoga, quite time and I am really loving candles as well as the scent of lavender.

If you can identify with being a highly sensitive person or an empath and you need some self car tips watch my latest video below and be sure to share. comment. subscribe.



My intention is to move majority of my life into the clean, organic, natural lifestyle. If I can start with the little things and share them with others I know we can create small but effective change in the quality of our lives. I’ve been into the more holistic thing since about 2012. I started with Tom’s toothpaste and the Dr.Bronner’s soap and feeling RIGHT when Used these products compared to the other stuff more toxic products I grew up using.

As a conscious adult with steady income flow there is no longer a reason for me to purchase toxic products, unless it’s hair and makeup. I will probably always use non organic products because I just of my hair type and I haven’t found the right shade for my deep skin tone in the organic world.

My whole thing is if there are better products for you why not choose better? Be the weird one in your family because they will thank you for it later. My semi-traditional Ghanaian family thinks it’s so weird I’m into all of these things but once I introduced juices + smoothies into my mother’s life she has never been sick again ands kept off so much weight.

They don’t want you to be living good smelling well FUCK the system by purchasing local, clean, organic, holistic. Your body, mind, soul as well as Earth will thank you.

Below check out the products I’ve transitioned to and my latest video going into depth about the pros and cons of each product.

Here are the products


Nature’s Gate Shampoo:

Preserve Toothbrush:


Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap:

Trader Joe’s Moisturizer:





Beloveds SMFH. I am in no way shape or form a cooker. I enjoy cooking but I never follow instructions for recipes, I always just go with the flow of how I’m feeling. My friends in college used to make fun of me for making these huge pots of pasta with all this STUFF lol having no idea how it would taste. Which is why I rarely ever share my food with people or the inter webs because most of my stuff isn’t “good enough” to share LOL. But one of you guys asked me to start putting up the recipes for the food i share on my so here went nothing!


My whole thing is I never want to seem perfect in person or on the internet. I got the urge to tape this and don’t feel embarrassed about it not coming out to Youtube standards because what the hell are those anyway?! I happily share this dish which I totally messed up on because I know there is someone out there that can do a better job at it LOL.


So if you are making this dish I would suggest using a different type of pasta or spaghetti and to NOT add the nutritional yeast. This pasta is supposed to be more of a clean no sauce pasta and the nutritional yeast acts as a cheese sauce when added with water so that’s where I messed up + maybe I just added a little bit too much making the pasta come out too thick and too creamy.

Here goes nothing watch my video to learn from my mistakes and I hope you enjoy the blessing of this meal


Cook Time: 20 Minutes

Nutritional Yeast
Grapeseed Oil

Place everything in the pot, cook, stir, enjoy


Zany Brainy Morning Elixir

If you follow me on Instagram not only am I hitting you with daily “SPRINKLES OF SPIRITUAL SASSINESS” but also some of my healthy food routines. In the morning I like to have hot water with lemon and other additions to get my digestive system ready for the day. It also assists in easy bowel movements. I call this the Zany Brainy 1. Because I used to LOVE trips to Zany Brainy as a child and 2. Because of the use of Moon Dust’s Brain Dust herbal supplement. If you’ve never heard of Moon Juice please get into it! Check them out here: Moon Juice


Ginger- relieves gastrointestinal irritation

Honey- contains disease-preventing and disease-fighting flavonoids.

ACV- helps acid reflux, lower blood pressure, improve diabetes and support weight loss.

Lemon- it supports weight loss It aids digestion

Brain Dust- enlightening blend of adaptogenic superherbs and supermushrooms that help combat the effects of stress

How To Make:

  1. hot water
  2. Trader Joe’s Multi Floral Honey
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar
  4. Two lemon wedges
  5. Half a pack or a full pack of Brain Dust

Add all the ingredients in the hot water mix, let sit, then drink and set your intention for the day.

Where Is Your Sexual Self Worth?

Where is your sexual self worth? Our sexuality begins from ages 7-14 if nobody talks to us about our bodies, what sex is, what sex means then man usy of get stuck in that age in our sexual life. I know my self worth was super low and was directly connected to my unhealthy sex life. Because I’ve done so much self work I’ve come to understand how beautiful, healthy, healing sex can be and I’ve learned that I can say NO. I never thought I deserved to say NO.

If this resonates with you check out my latest video and feel free to Share. Comment. Subscribe. Like.



Our Chakras are the energy points that flow along our spine. Each chakra represents something different for our human needs. I chose to focus on the sacral plexus chakra because this is the chakra that is connected to sexual energy as well as creative energy. If this area of your life is not balanced then it will seep into other areas of your life causing imbalance. Check out this cleansing that I know will benefit you, your partner and your future sex life

Here are clear instructions for the cleansing:

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BlueBerry Blessings Smoothie

Hey Beloveds!

I don’t share enough of my smoothie, juice or meal recipes on here so here goes nothing. You guys know I love a good home made smoothie! I’ve been making smoothies and juices for about 4 years now and they have helped me so much with tummy stuff. Smoothies are such a great meal replacement and they are so cost efficient because most frozen fruit bags run from $2-$4. I just made this concoction this morning and it is goooooood. If you don’t already incorporate smoothies into your daily life do it! Your tummy, skin and body will thank you 😊

1 cup Almond Milk
1 handful Frozen Bluberries
3-4 Pitted Dates
Half an Avocado
1 cup Plain Yogurt
Moon Juice Beauty Dust
Half a Banana

Blend on High and Enjoy! Share with me some of your favorite smoothie recipes or let me know how much you liked this one below!


Are You Afraid To Be Happy?

As a society we are taught to strive for the next thing the best thing in order to appear as if our lives are perfect. But when we finally have everything that we want, when we are finally living in the space that we prayed for why do we still feel afraid to be happy?

It’s as if we are waiting for the other shoe to drop because being happy might mean that something ” bad” might happen right when we let ourselves ease into the happiness. In my latest video I share with you some fears i have about being happy in this space of ease and presence in my life right now. Subscribe. Share.