Missing Key To Manifesting

Hi Beloveds!

Welcome to July! Let’s get into various ways you can have those blessings fall into your lap and feel good while waiting for them. We have all been given the gift of co-creating with the Creator. We know affirmations work, we know cognitive dissonance is real. But here is just one thing that people are missing in their lack of patience for the blessings to fall into their lap. And this is feeling good. Plains and Simple.

When we visualize and manifest we have to imagine how it would FEEL to have that thing or experience. The Universe goes off of vibrations and frequencies and energy. Are you in a mood or space to be able to receive that which you are praying for?

In my latest video let’s go deeper in discussing the feeling aspect of manifesting.



Hey Beloveds!

For the month of June I am giving away my be.LOVE.education self love course for $10

My e-course is all about diving into the dirt and unearthing the parts of you that no longer serve you. With questions, meditations and exercises to assist you coming out on the other side as the person God intended you to be.

better. healed. ready.

Check out my latest video below for more on my self love ecourse be.LOVE.education and if you or someone you know is interested send me a DM on Instagram (@beenietv)




As we are moving towards a more conscious state so many of us are letting go of things we thought were okay…for example toxic candles. Candles from Glade, Bath + Body Works, etc are full of lead wicks, formaldehyde and so many toxic chemicals that are terrible to breathe in.


In my latest Youtube video I discuss brands to transition to that are soy or coconut wax candles with wooden or organic cotton wicks. One of my go to cleaner air options are Voluspa Candles which are made in California and my newest fav black owned Spiritualista-Beautique who specializes in intentional affirmation candles hand poured in NYC. I love both of these candle companies! Bonus they are both inexpensive and leave a clean burn

Head over to both of their Instagrams and tell them been sent ya!


Hey Beloveds!

Have you ever made a lifestyle choice and felt like those around you whether they be strangers or close friends make you feel weird about it? This year I decided to release myself from drinking, all things sexual and I hit my one year mark with being a vegetarian. The latest decision and the one that gets the most reactions is the decision to stop drinking. And the reactions I get from people are hilarious!

In our society getting wasted, blacking out, shit faced is normal. Do not get me wrong I was chugging down Natural Ice with the best of them as a Senior in High School and you couldn’t tell me shit about my excessive consumption of Hurricanes when I’m in New Orleans. But this year I shifted and I said okay let me try another way to live. Since the beginning of this year I have had the ability to focus on working on myself without any distractions or vices and that was my intention at the top of this year. To really work on myself.

Find out more in my latest video and share with me what have you diced to let go of in 2018?



Hey Beloveds!

Let’s get intimate and personal. Sex. Everyone’s having it and it’s in everything. But how about the people who have made the choice to abstain from it? Where are those conversations? I decided to become celibate at the beginning of this year and decided to be no fap towards the end of last year. It’s tough to stop doing certain things that you’ve programmed to do/ believe but we are all stronger than we believe we are.

Celibacy is the choice to give your body and sexual being to God, usually connected with people waiting for God to bring them their divine life partner.  But some people who are celibate still engage in masturbation. Even though you are not enjoying in sex with another person you are still engaging in sexual pleasure. Where does No Fap fit into this? Well No Fap is a movement centered around regaining your self control and energy by not engaging in ANYTHING sexual from watching porn to dry humping and masturbation. Many people have found themselves being clearer minded, mentally stronger and a boost in confidence about your ability to control your urges.

I decided to become celibate at the beginning of this year and decided to be no fap towards the end of last year. It’s tough to stop doing certain things that you have been programmed to do/ believe but we are all stronger than we believe we are and have the ability to choose another way. Check out my latest video for more on my celibacy and no cap journey.


Giveaway (closed) Elsa’s Organics

Hey Beloveds,

First and foremost thank you guys for rocking with me! I appreciate every single one of ya’ll!! So I’ve partnered with @elsasorganics to give ONE lucky winner a chance to try out one of their all natural all organic deodorants.

Elsa’s Organics is a UK based women centered company that prides itself on being transparent, sustainable, vegan and cruelty free. Their deodorants are 4 in 1 giving the ability to soothe using coconut oil, detoxify using himalayan pink salt, nourish using castor oil and deodorize using magnesium. That’s powerful stuff all packed into one. Find out more on their website.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 9.22.05 AM.png

I’ve been personally using Elsa’s LOVE deodorant ( ONE lucky winner will receive this scent) and I have to say that I have had pretty good luck thus far. I still sweat when it comes to nervous sweat but if I don’t nervous sweat throughout the day I can work my 8 hour day and still smell pretty good. I like that this product is smoother than other organic deodorants and I enjoy the subtle rose scent when I wipe it on. although their products do state a little but goes a long way I do sometimes feel like i need to add a little extra because you never know what the day might bring!


If you have not made the switch I encourage you to do your own research and see how aluminum based deodorants have been linked to Alzheimers and Breast Cancer. Many companies that are “pro-women” use aluminum in their products and that doesn’t sound very “pro-women” to me.

HEAD OVER TO MY INSTAGRAM TO FIND OUT HOW YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GET YOUR HANDS ON ELSA’S ORGANICS LOVE DEODORANT. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @elsasorganics and find out more on their website elsas.co.uk

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Hey Beloveds,

Everyday we are bombarded with negativity and low vibrations and sometimes it becomes too overwhelming for us to handle. We think that our negative thoughts are normal which they are but we do not have to believe them or allow them to plant seeds in us.

This video is about speaking life over yourself and speaking to your sadness and having it become happiness, speaking to your anxiety and having it become peace, speaking to your addictions and having them no longer have a hold on you. I hope you enjoy this video and please feel free to SHARE. COMMENT. SUBSCRIBE.

How To Program Crystals

In my latest Youtube episode I give you a step by step guide on how to program your crystal babies!

I’ve been using crystals and healing crystals for about 3 years now and I’ve been able to cultivate amazing results.

My go to crystal right now is my selenite crystal which is great for general cleansing and clearing of our outer energy field.

Tune into my latest video and be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE + SUBSCRIBE

Have you recently found yourself to all this talk about crystals? Crystals are not just pretty rocks or awesome decor for your home/office these high vibrating, energy giving elements can be found in almost all of our tech devices thanks to their ability to hold information.

Crystals are for EVERYBODY + crystals can be helpful to EVERYBODY! I personally have been using them for 3 years to assist in my healing and staying high vibes. If you are interested in crystals or looking for how to make your crystals work for you check out my latest video and be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE + SUBSCRIBE

It’s Not About You BOO

Our gifts are given to us by GOD and our gift back to GOD is to go forth and release them to the world. Get out of your own way, let fear kick rocks and go about your business of doing what you’ve been called to do….boo!

God gives us all gifts + talents. And what we do with those gifts and talents is our gift back to the world. Your talent, your blog, your business, your acting career, your dance career, your music career HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. I know you think it does but it doesn’t it. it’s about your family members you will inspire, your friends that you will motivate, the people that you will never meet who will see you succeed and KNOW that they can do it to. The point of it all is to uplift others to come into the truth of their gifts and talents so that we can live our truest selves and raise up humanity.

That was a long explanation for my new video! LOL! Watch and let me know your thoughts.