I Feel

…myself searching for deeper.

looking for resources that are true to me.

something new.

resonate. vibrate. alignment.



Hey Beloveds~

At the darkest of hours God gives us a blessing to tell us to hold on while on our individual journeys. 2016 was super hard but allowed me to navigate who I am in this world a little but better.

In 2016 I had all my mercury fillings taken out and replaced with the white fillings which caused me to get an infection which led to a root canal and a $1,000 tooth. I got bed bugs and had to do my laundry 2x a week. I got out of a relationship. I got scammed out of  about $200 on PayPal. I thought i was moving out of my old apt then got told to pay even more the day I was going to move in. I basically was living off ramen noodles. It was a pretty shitty year.

But then things started to turn around when I got a well paying part time job. Booked my first national commercial. Booked 2 episodes on Showtime’s Shameless. Booked my first voice over role. All of these things happened in the same year. And I believe it’s because God needed me to hold on because when all of that crappy stuff was happening I was so sure of going home and just calling it quits.

In my latest video I go into depth about God’s glory being shown in my life and i hope this encourages you to keep going in during your struggle season.





This is really the first time I am openly speaking about my scar. Doing the work of fully accepting myself has allowed me to conquer all weirdness, ugliness worry around my scar. The thing is our scars, both internal and physical, are US. Accepting them and moving with them through this journey allows others to accept them as well.


If you are ready to experience true healing and acceptance of self follow me on Instagram and send me a DM to register for my be.LOVE.education self love course

peace + ease = your life


angst pushes us to take the leap of faith.

while patience + peace will birth the life of your dreams.

Angst is that feeling in your soul that you know the life your living, the partner your with, the mundane are not serving you to the fullest. Angst pushes you to quit your job and move to a new country without telling anyone. Angst pushes you to finally stand up for yourself and ask for what your soul has been aching for. Angst is the catalyst needed to push you into your next level.

While you are living in and on your next level it will be challenging. It will be tough. There will be moments of ease + flow and moments of what the hell is going on. But when you are here do not use angst to get you to the next level. Angst can hurt you when used improperly or irresponsibly. In these moments of challenge + hardship focus back on what pushed your soul in the first place. Focus on the fact that GOD needed you to do what you’ve been assigned to do. In those moments rely on patience that what you desire will come to you soon through all the hard work you are doing. And rely on peace. Peace of mind without a sprinkle of doubt about where you are going and who you’ll be when you get there. Peace in the FACT that GOD is literally with you the entire way. Through patience and peace you are able to be still and hear from the Divine the right moves to take and the wrong people to stay away from. Through peace + patience you will give way to your best and highest and all the things you deeply Divinely deserve.

angst pushes us to take the leap of faith.

while patience + peace will birth the life of your dreams.



When you are with her you wither. Your back bends to her pain. You become a fraction of yourself. You know it’s wrong but your heart tells you this is what love feels like. Oh but beloved don’t you know the heart is deceitful thing and should not be trusted?

When you are with yourself you are tall. You are strong. You see yourself clearly. In your eyes there is glitter and there is spirit so raw and so pure like honey.

When you are with her you shrink, you become sour, you wither.

-beenieScreen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.28.19 AM.png

You Are Magic

Your are magic beloved.

You come from essence.

In this life we forget that. But our job while on this journey is to unlearn to relearn.

You are magic. Look at you. So beautiful. So pure. You are magic.

Life will get you down. The human journey will have you questioning yourself.

You don’t understand why your blessings are going unanswered.

But remember you are Magic. Worry, Doubt, Fear are not part of your natural biology.





WHO are YOU Concerned with?

Hey Guys!

We are already in our third week of 2016. With Mercury Retrograde going on it kinda feels like the new year didn’t happen and I’m constantly having to remind myself to be conscious of the new thoughts and energy I set for myself for this year. Is it just me or do you feel like sitting back relaxing until Mercury gets its’ stuff together? Let me know in the comments below.

But onto what this post is really about. A few weeks ago I was working on a business program that motivates people to get out of their own way and get their businesses off the ground. It’s pretty awesome check it and her (Cyndie Spiegel) out¬†http://www.cyndiespiegel.com. In one of the modules the program asked us what is stopping us and who are we concerned with? Are we concerned about the opinions of outsider judgement. Do we think we can’t handle criticism? Who else will live your life for you?

I have to admit it is hard to live the way you really really want to live without thinking about those you love and care about the most. I struggle with this everyday. But it’s a lesson that I needed to learn during this life. How confident am I in myself to live my life my way? I’m not trying to run down the street naked and wailing at the top of my lungs. But I want to be able to do certain things without thinking about what others might say and if they do say stuff (which they will) having the ability to not let it effect in me at all.

Who Are You Concerned With? Is it your old self? Your old way of life? Old friends who might say really messed up stuff or laugh about you behind your back? Let them laugh. It’s your life. You get to live it. Right Here. Right Now. So this year continue to ask yourself who are you concerned with and will this person EVER be able to live your life for you?



Everything Will Be So Good…

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 7.03.20 PM

Why so much stress?

Why so much worry?

We are children of God

Made in his image. Connected to Source.

We know we will be alright.

We know this is not the end but only the beginning.

So sit back. Relax. And prepare to be overcome with blessings